Winterlights Winter Wonderland

I work hard to restrain myself from putting out the holiday lights and decorations until it’s December. It’s a hold-over from those days when the kids were young and overly anxious about the holidays approaching. Anyhow, December 1 rolled around and I felt free to go wild. The first thing I did (after shopping Ladies Day) was to go to the Stevens Coolidge House Winterlights event put on by the Trustees. What a joyful walk we took around the grounds admiring the thousands of lights and the piped in holiday music. GMG Jim thinks it’s the best light display he’s ever been to. I LOVE lights…if it says “lights”, I am checking it out.

As mentioned, it’s an event from the Trustees and 3 properties participate. We went to North Andover for our 4:30 timed tickets. The ride at that time of day is not fun but we enjoyed the event thoroughly. You need to purchase tickets ahead and they are timed (although they don’t seem too strict about the timing of your visit as long as you have the tickets). Discounts for Trustee members. As per usual, I suggest going earlier than later. It was starting to get congested in the lots and on the pathways by the time we departed. The pathways are very well defined and only partially lit. The ground is even but it is a little uneven in some places so be aware if you have mobility issues though we did see wheelchairs and strollers managing easily. Get your tickets early if you plan to go. This event sells out. Great idea for company and children!

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