Fishing Lesson from a Pro — pat morss

During our walk by Niles Pond yesterday we were treated to one of Hank Heron’s younger friends scoring some misses, but mostly hits, while fishing for lunch. Here’s one of his (her?) successes.

Carefully stalking his prey. With eyes on the prize, he’s ready to strike.
Lightning fast, his head is in the water like a slingshot.
Came up with a nice fish at the tip of his bill.
The Mallards were bottom feeding, neither competition nor a distraction.
Time to reposition the “flying fish” further up the bill.
That’s better.
Now I need to turn it toward my stomach.
Properly aligned.
And I can close my bill.
Swallow, and the fish goes head first into the gullet.
Straighten the neck and it slides all the way down. Delicious.

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