2011 Saturday Greasy Pole Final Round and Your Champ

Collaboration Between Adam Bolonsky, Joey Ciaramitaro and Sam Hartson

All taken from the video footage taken by our man Adam Bolonsky in the 4 part rough cut 2011 Saturday Greasy Pole video series-

Part I

Part II The Blessing Of The Feet

Part III The Arrival at The Pole

Part IV The Final Greasy Pole Round and Your Champ

11 thoughts on “2011 Saturday Greasy Pole Final Round and Your Champ

  1. the Mass is the focal point of the fiesta….no pictures of the beautiful tradition…mass at St.Peter’s Square,,how pagan.


    1. Please give us a chance to edit them.

      Believe me we have plenty of beautiful photos of the Mass and the parade. I spent 8 hours straight editing video yesterday of the day before’s footage.
      So please bear with us as we work through the massive amount of content to bring you the best.
      We also brought you three days worth of the Novena in case you missed that you can see it here-


  2. What amazing coverage! Only GMG could bring it on like that. Great work Adam, Sam and Joey. Now this inquiring mind wants to know – who greases the pole and how do they do it, and does it get regreased each day of the competitions, and do the later walkers have better odds because there is less grease on the pole?


  3. That put a smile on my face which will last for the rest of the day. Beautiful and vivid footage. Thank you.


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