Feast of St. Joseph with Mary Parisi

Saint Joseph’s Feast is approaching in Gloucester and Mary Parisi is prepared.

I had the honor to speak to her and see her alter and talk about the Italian tradition in Gloucester during the Feast of Saint Joseph.

See Video below

8 thoughts on “Feast of St. Joseph with Mary Parisi

  1. Another great video. Great job Manuel. She seems so awesome. Another person I could only hope to meet. She just seems so friendly and happy. All that knowledge of the old days. Man, I think I’d give up all our modern technology to go back to those days in Gloucester. No wonder I love older people. All the knowledge of the past. Especially of the Glosta that I wish existed today. But the now Glosta is still great.


  2. Mary is one of my favorite interviews; she was so open and genuine. I felt honored to just talk to her. She reminded me of my mother, who just passed away at 97 this past August, and loved to share stories of the old days, when things were harder but simpler.
    It was an honor. Thank you Mary!


  3. Mary has convinced me I am busting out my novenas on the ninth. Mar 19 is a Friday so three day weekend here I come. Who’s got the pastry? I’ll pass on the St Joseph pasta and go directly to the pastry.


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