Cape Ann Symphony Christmas Tree Silent Auction


The trees are gathered at 137 Main Street (formally Bubbles, to right of the Cormorant) for the Silent Auction. During the concert weekend you can view them in the lobby of Fuller School when you come to hear the Holiday Pops concert.Floral designs, signature glass, 5-course dinner and more!

The trees show off some highly inventive finery: tiny lights wrapped in white silk roses from Sage Floral Studio; beautiful signature glass lighthouses from concert sponsor Cape Ann Savings Bank; a bounty of holiday goodies, including gift-card filled stockings, from Stop and Shop; a vision of the best fresh eating with a tree of fruits and veggies from Willow Rest/Utopia Farm (including a $50 gift certificate); and a promise of more superb eating from Duckworth’s Beach Gourmet with a certificate for a five course dinner for six from the store, valued at $700! And there are MANY more, twenty total!!

Keep tabs on your bid

Come and see them all and put in your bids on your favorites. Then keep tabs on them to be sure you have the winning bid, until the Auction closes on December 5, back at 137 Main St.!

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