Bowsprite’s November Gloucester Harbor Swim 11/16/09

Bowsprite is an artist and blogger from the sixth borough in NY.  Check out her incredible nautical illustrations by clicking this text

Who drives up from New Yawk to jump in Gloucester’s inner harbor for a leisurely swim in mid-November?  Bowsprite, that’s who.

12 thoughts on “Bowsprite’s November Gloucester Harbor Swim 11/16/09

    1. “She may be nuts but Ill bet you when she is 70 years old she will look like she is 30”

      If I jump off Joey’s dock every Saturday all winter I will become young again? How much do I have to pay him? Do I have to wear a jock strap? Is Sean really 90 years old?


  1. thank you, but i’m completely embarrassed…this is nothing–

    NYswimmer Julie Sheldon a few weeks ago swam 17.5 M in 6hours 14 minutes, water temperature was 55°–through the major shipping channel, from Battery to Breezy Point: rough waters.

    Two friends, Rachel Golub and Cristian Vergara spent almost 2 hours in the 40° waters of the Strait of Magellan!

    I’m just floating abit, buoyed by a ring of beer flab. Just impossible to resist a dip in such incredibly pristine brine!


  2. I was being a tad sarcastic when I said that 52 F was toasty. That takes a little dedication. And practice. I think we should convince Joey to dive off the dock each afternoon and he can keep it up until Christmas. Like lifting the baby bull every day. Soon the bull is large.

    Switch “4.7 million Scoville units!!!” to “47 degrees Fahrenheit!!!”

    What better way to underline the attractions of Gloucester Harbor than to swim in it every day?


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