GloucesterCast With Guests Kim Smith, James and Anna Eves and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/10/14

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GloucesterCast With Guests Kim Smith, James and Anna Eves and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/10/14

Topics Include: Kim Smith Definitely Does Not Sound Like Julia Child, 80% Dead Bees In Local Bee Hive, Frankly There Are Many Initiatives For A Lot Of Initiatives, Milk Drinking Game, Debating The New Cape Ann License Plate Logo, No Codfish Entries, Political Correctness and Corporate Speak, Suey Park and Steven Colbert, Burt’s Bee Dusting Powder, Cotton Is For Suckers, Calamari Appetizer At The Franklin, Duckworth’s Bistrot Lobster Risotto Takeout For Kim Smith, Kim Smith’s Mexico Butterfly Interview Video

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Where do you fall on the Whole Colbert/Park Thing

Anyone who has watched The Colbert Report more than once understands that his whole schtick revolves around being outlandishly satirical. This woman Suey Park claimed to have been a fan of the show for years but took offense to a bit he did in which he was poking fun of the Redskins owner for offering up a token amount of gifting to Native American Indians just after he said he would be sticking with the name some considered racist (The Washington Redskins). She started an internet petition to get The Colbert Report TV Show cancelled unless he apologized.  So Colbert making fun of The Redskins owner satirically was lost on this woman, or was it?  Did she not get the satire or did she see the opportunity to raise a big stink even though deep down she knew it was satire, the same satire he had used to poke fun at politicians for over a decade. Here’s more on that-

I don’t expect my mom to get the joke.  But someone that young and someone that supposedly has watched the show for years has to get it. Read the quote and tell me that that is a serious statement that anyone not using satire would use on national television. colbert You probably know where I fall on this-  Just another person that uses the internet to bully using political correctness and in this case it’s even more ridiculous because the victim, Colbert was using the example to make fun of the very same type of racism that you would think she would rail against. She’s no idiot, she knows this, but her desire to get “internet famous” is more important to her than recognizing publicly that he was poking fun of people she would consider racist.  If she’d watched the Colbert Report for all the years she did like she claimed there’s no way she didn’t understand his whole act of making outlandish statements to poke fun at the ones who would actually say them and mean them.

This tweet from Brad Fitzgerald-

Stupid people make me angry. . Satire is meant to highlight ignorance, but when you take it seriously, you just look stupid.

I don’t think Suey Park is stupid.  I think she completely understands that The Colbert Report was making fun of Dan Snyder but her desire to gain notoriety is more powerful than her desire to recognize that fact.