Toby Told Me About Rino’s Place In East Boston About 6 Years Ago. It’s Everything He Said It Would Be

Our waitress Diana was so perfectly attentive. The food was as good if not better Italian that I’ve had anywhere. The prices sinfully inexpensive.

It’s worth the drive from Gloucester.

While here Mohamed Sanu comes in for takeout. $26 order and he leaves a $100 tip for the kitchen. Class act.

258 Saratoga Street East Boston.

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Chelsea and East Boston DPA (Designated Port Area)

You see the Boston skyline in the backgtound. A hop skip and a jump to the big city and within this Designated Port Area it’s all blight.

Chelsea and East Boston DPA (Designated Port Area)

The sites are the same in every single city with a DPA. Chelsea, East Boston, Salem, Fall River, New Bedford. Boston has activity on it’s waterfront but the regulators tell us that “it’s different for Boston”. All of these towns have struggled with budget crisis and they all have their waterfront hampered by the failure that is Designated Port Area Zoning.  Hell, Chelsea even went into recievership.  No one wants to give up on our working waterfront but changes are needed within the framework of a Designated Port Area Designation that will allow for growth.

Go ahead and look back at that list of names -Chelsea, East Boston, Salem, Fall River, New Bedford and Gloucester. All operating under DPAs and all struggling.

Chelsea and East Boston DPA (Designated Port Area)

Click here for a slide show of East Boston and Chelsea’s Designated Port Area. It looks eerily like Gloucester’s.