All is Well, Late Fall — pat morss

Everything is normal for this time of year, leading up to the Holidays.

The driver shortage for package deliveries has been solved.
As the seas build, commercial fishermen enjoy returning home.
And a few sport fishermen head out.
Our regulars convene around the feeders – male House Finch.
And there are new faces on our walks – Carolina Wren.
Over on Niles Pond, a stoic Cormorant sculpture.
Hank Heron (or Great Blue friend) fishes the same area every day.
A bit less graceful in deeper water.
And he’s still looking for a shoe that will fit.
A pair of female Hooded Mergansers cruise mid-pond.
Adjacent, in Brace Cove, this rock supports the 3-seal limit.
There is never a shortage of spectacular sunsets.

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