Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree vs Crappy Rockland Lobster Trap Tree- You Decide

The Fantastic Majestic Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree

The Crappy Unimaginative Maine Lobster Trap Tree

The Crappy Unimaginative Rockland Lobster Trap Tree

photo courtesy cascobaymeatheads

37 thoughts on “Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree vs Crappy Rockland Lobster Trap Tree- You Decide

      1. Joey,

        I just counted traps in the last Gloucester tree. The Gloucester tree is 12 rows shorter than Rockland’s tree last year. Yours was cute tree, the other was magnificent. You would need to put every lobsterman in Gloucester out of business for December to get enough traps to compete – unless you use my patented brick-lock, lip-over tree design. The technology is proprietary. The bad news is that they have the technology too.

        The good news, and there isn’t much of that, is that they build their tree tomorrow for lighting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They’re up first so our crew can go to school on them. We need to send a spy.


  1. Joey,

    You cheap shot artist. If you’re going to take on the world’s tallest, best engineered and most beautiful lobster trap tree, at least show the real one you had on line earlier, not this piece of @#$% from Cape Cod. Show your readers the real tree at

    As the former lead engineer of Rockland’s tree and now chamber director here in Gloucester, I am of course willing to jump sides to support my new home town’s effort to build a tree to compete with the world-class Maine tree.

    But know what you’re up against – a 35′ tree built with NEW traps, not stinky used ones…new traps specially designed to sustain tremendous weight and constructed of extra-strong green wire and red trim…24 green 75W halogen lights illuminate the tree from inside providing so much light that it can be seen clearly from Vinalhaven Island, eight miles across Penobscot Bay…500′ of garland filled with scores of white lights draped around the tree….hundreds of lobster buoys donated by local lobstering families adorn the tree as ornaments. And the piece de resistance: the tree is topped off with the 6′, $1,000 candy apple red fiberglass lobster “Rocky”, (sometimes affectionately called Lobster Jesus)…a world-class sculpture in and of itself.

    2,000 people will come to see the lighting of the tree. This is the “bigs” of lobster trap tree building. While I now side with Gloucester, be aware, be very aware, that this is a little like the Fishermen taking on the Patriots. The boys from Maine are lobster tree professionals.

    Now the first problem, I will be in the Bahamas while you and Jeff build the tree. That’s no big deal since at my age, I gave up climbing two years ago. Old guys like me don’t bounce very well.

    I am prepared to sit down with your crew and lend you my world-renown tree design expertise, the most important aspect of building such a tree. I can show you how to gain height with fewer traps, how to light the tree so brightly that cars heading past it on Main Street may end up careening into BankGloucester, the drivers blinded by the light.

    Ayuh, a guy could build a tree that beats the world’s best. You just have to think of them as the Yankees – a seemingly unbeatable team of overpaid professionals taken on by a ragtag crew of Gloucestermen with revenge in their eyes.

    I’m up for the challenge. -H-


  2. Hey, Gloucester guys, no offense, but your tree has that awful glitzy fake Christmas look about it. I’ll take Maine’s any day. I’m not kidding. I’m from MA. Lived here all my life. You can do better next year…get rid of the boring symmetry and the ubiquitous plastic netting…ugly.


  3. “Fishermen taking on the Patriots”
    After last week vs the Colts I’ll take the Fishermen!
    And I believe Gloucester is ready to build the “Eiffel Tower” of Lobster Trap Christmas trees!
    All we need is an OK from the FAA!


  4. Gloucester’s is better despite the stinky old traps! It’s GENUINE! No need to make fancy new FAKE traps and look at all those brightly painted bouys all over it. Splendid! No match, Rockland! Gloucester’s tree is a higher art form. 😉


    1. Uh-oh, Beth, them’s fightin’ words! Sounds like you’re calling Rockland’s “fake” traps proof that it’s a lobster-trap-tree-wannabe.

      They’d never get away with that here in Gloucester — where the REAL lobstermen fish.


  5. That Maine tree seems to have wooden traps.
    I doubt if they are using wooden traps on Penobscot Bay.
    I doubt if they are old wooden traps. The old wooden traps in my back yard would not support a heavy robin, never mind a stack of traps at their age.
    Therefore I am forced to conclude that those Down East ruffians are using FAKE traps.


  6. I agree.
    Shameful, Maine. Too much gild on the lily.
    Gloucester’s tree is authentic. Not a trumped up, hyped up “work of fake art”.
    Who hired this Chamber Director guy anywayz, if he can’t see the simple beauty of Gloucester’s tree he can stay to the Bahamas.


    1. Hey Frank and MonkeyBalls, We don’t need or want help from a fishing port that uses the Coast Gaurd for help to build their wimpy tree. We laeve our Coast Guard Heros alone to be there for REAL LOBSTERMEN while we build the best and biggest lobster trap tree anywhere. Tell us, was your tree better after the wind blew it down?!! That has NEVER happened to the Gloucester Tree. When you get your heads out of your traps we’ll be happy to give you some pointers on how to build a tree that will not need a do-over or Walmart decorations!! Best Engineered…Right. Happy Holidays To All


    2. Frank, not for nothin but that has got to be the most bland vanilla lobster tree I’ve ever seen. Seriously, would it have killed you to spruce it up a little?


  7. I like them both ~ for different reasons ~ Why does it always have to be a set up of “us and them” ~ Maybe this is all in good fun ~ but realistically this is how the insane world function ~ “Battle Royale” ~

    I thought I liked GMG ~ wondering now ~


    1. Carol, Worry is all in good fun. You should know that we wish the best for all…even the poor folks in Maine that have to defend their CRAPPY TREE. Happy Holidays to All


  8. Careful, I may have ta choose sides ! Where did I leave that crane????Gloucester or Rockland???Hmmm.

    Found it.!! Has a 150 foot boom and a 90 foot aluminium jib. That will get em up!

    240 feet and I can always throw on a assembled lift, that should bring the tree to 300 foot +.Traps being light.

    Now ,who do I favor? Where is my allegiance?


  9. So just so you all know this year the street will be shut down 3:30-5:00 so we can accomodate the masses of people who will be coming out to see the lighting of New Englands biggest and best Lobster Trap Christmas Tree!

    Did anyone mention the the Gloucester Tree is adorned with the artwork of hundreds of Gloucester childrens. The Lobster Trap Tree represents more than just Christmas. It is a true representation of the fisherman of Gloucester, their families and the rich artistic heritage that makes Gloucester what we all hold so dear.

    Our tree is more than just wire and rope and bricks. Its a symbol, and that what make it so much better the the Rockland tree.


  10. There comes a point where something is overdone and loses authenticity.

    The Maine tree, while certainly festive and fun to look at, is not an authentic representation of a what a lobster trap tree is.

    Gloucester wins, IMO.


  11. I don’t know Joey, I receive (by the way, this is going to be a book) Down East. It’s like my Fisherman’s Voice and other fishing papers and mags I receive. I’ll never stop subscribing to them. I just went in my spare room to look for the box with all my issues of Down East. I’ve got so much stuff in there I can’t find it , but when I get off this computer I’ going back in there to find them. The reason is there is a picture of a lobster trap tree that is so beautiful and big. They always have a picture and you have to guess where it is. I guessed and the next month they post the picture again and I was right. But I still can’t remember where it is. And don’t be saying Maine men have soft hands. The lobstermen from there that I know have working hands. And Joey, you know how I feel about Maine. I say that I have Gloucester in my heart and I do. But I have to say if Maine was as close for me as Gloucester is, I don’t know Joey, Gloucester may become #2 in my heart. I’m sorry, but you can’t beat Stonington, ME. And when I went to Bass Harbor in Maine, I thought I died and went to heaven. I want to go to Vinalhaven, Monhegan, Matinicus and every other lobstering village there. So I said I will help with the Gloucester tree( my mother even wants to help) but I ‘ll have to show you that picture. Anyway, yes, last years tree was nice.


  12. Lobster Lady,,When you get to Vinalhaven or better yet Greens Island, tell him Jim S sent you and have some fun. Nice folks out there. !

    My heart is split , here in Belfast ME.
    coming from Gloucester. Who asks first for my help wins.
    Shrub was voted out a year ago, now time fer a TREE! Ye Hah


  13. That photo of the lobster trap tree is NOT the Rockland Maine tree! It is from somewhere else in southern Maine, actually closer to Massachusetts than the Lobster Capital of the World located on western Penobscot Bay. May I direct you to the youtube link:
    In the video, the Rockland tree is not yet finished, and is already taller than the Gloucester version. Glad to see my old friend Bob Hastings attempt to clarify the situation and let you know what you are up against.
    A little friendly competition goes a long way.
    For a better look at the finished version of the Rockland tree, see the image posted on


  14. Hey Gloucester, can an outsider “weigh in” on the Lobster Trap Tree controversy?

    I was the production designer on the film “The Perfect Storm” and spent a lot of time (months) in Gloucester. I’ve worked with the terrific people of Gloucester who helped us tell their amazing story. Every night the film crew would go out and eat and drink with some of the nicest, most genuine people you could ever meet. Gloucester is a real town with good hearts. It’s obvious by the pictures i’ve seen that the Rockland Tree has a certain “shlumpy” “graphic” charm to it, but the call goes to the Gloucester Tree. It has the look, heart, and the spirit of the holidays.

    All the best,

    Bill Sandell


  15. It is a shame that in order for you to receive votes on your copy cat of a tree in Mass you have to list the Rockland tree as the “Or The Crappy Unimaginitive Rockland One?”. If you want a real vote that is not biased, change it to Rockland or Gloucester tree and let the people decide.


  16. Whoever is showing Rockland’s tree as having wooden traps is deceiving everyone — I was there today and there haven’t been wooden traps on the tree in years….they are all wire traps, and the tree is magnificent. This so-called accurate photo of Rockland, Maine’s lobster trap tree is a fake and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. If you’re going to even TRY to compete with the Rockland tree, at least print the correct photo. This photo is NOT in Rockland 2009. Nice try but no cigar.


  17. You guys are idiots maine lobstermen catch way more lobsters than you so your tree made by a land luber dosent help your cause.


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