Monkeyfist (seated and facing away) Bowsprite and Tugster Visit Gloucester

What a great visit I had from water bloggers From The North and South over the past few days.

Yesterday we went by Charlie’s Place for a great breakfast in which they all took turns mispronouncing linguica. 🙂

Many of you saw the lovely Bowsprite take her harbor swim in the cold Gloucester harbor water yesterday and know I’m a huge fan of her artwork.

Also along for the big waterblogger meet-up was Monkeyfist and Tugster.  I’ve been reading their blogs for a long while now and what is absolutely insane to me is that I never knew that Monkeyfist is actually a woman.  I had assumed that she was a he.

Tugster and Bowsprite hail from New York’s sixth borough (Tugster’s term for the Waters of New York) and Monkeyfist comes from Maine and does the awesome CascoBayBoaters blog. You can see Tugster’s blog here

They are all fantastic and if you like GMG you should really check out what these birds are doing.

5 thoughts on “Monkeyfist (seated and facing away) Bowsprite and Tugster Visit Gloucester

  1. Who is that idiot with the lobster on her head? How the hell did you think I was a DUDE????

    “The Monkey Fist blahblahblah her etcetc…” (points to use of the word HER)

    I got some quick snaps this morning of the BIG MEAN MULTI-THUMBED MAINE COON ROBSTER THE LOBSTER sitting on your sticker. Will post soon.

    quick question… if you could provide me the specs of your nifty cam, I’d be much appreciative.


  2. cool video!!! fantastic to meet kindred spirits in glosta. am just home. thank you all for the warm hospitality . . . you, frank, paul, . . . i’ll ost something later tonight and link to your fantasti video.


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