We shucked 26 lbs of lobster for Ralph’s lobster fra diavolo for tonight’s GMG Holiday Party At Cape Ann Giclee

We’re serving food promptly at 6:00 so if you get there late and miss out don’t blame us, lol.

26 lbs of lobster shucked for @ralphdigiorgio ‘s lobster fra diavolo at tonight’s GMG Holiday Party, also Craig Kimberley will be QUEing, I’m making two huge rib roasts, Anna Eves is making her famous queso dip, Pat Dalpiaz is making jalapeño Cornbread, Kate is making Slaw, Melissa Cox is making stuff, Jenn Cullen is making sun-dried tomato and onion jam with goat cheese and baguette/crackers, @sistafelicia is bringing limoncello, Chris DeWolfe is bringing ice (his specialty) Alicia Cox is bringing some sides, Kim Smith is bringing potato salad, Wayne Berger is making southwest mac and cheese, Paul Morrison will come and load his plate with food and bring Gin that only he will drink, BYOB, POT LUCK, food served at 6pm.

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Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham


Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham


Last night’s @sistafelicia Instagram Photo

This past holiday weekend was spent embracing opportunities to experience “Real Campus Life” while touring colleges with our twins. After three days of living off fast food, Starbucks Coffee, and a few campus dining hall delights, a “real meal” was much need when we arrived home late last night. The last half hour of our road trip back home felt like ten as we discussed what meal I could pull together the fastest with ingredients I knew I had on hand at home. After rattling off several options to please everyone’s starving bellies and picky pallets, “Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham” was unanimously requested, made and on the table before the boys finished emptying bags and luggage from the truck! 


 Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham is fast and easy to prepare and only requires a few key ingredients. This pasta dish is traditionally served for lunch or dinner as main course or side dish, but I think it makes a perfect late night meal for the fall and winter months.  Trust me you’ll have no trouble warming up or sleeping after eating a bowl of this heavenly creamy pasta dish late night! It’s one of our families most favorite “Italian Comfort Food” dishes! 

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GMG Viewer Storm Food Photos

IMG_0635 image image Lunch is Sreved! Pulled Pork & Slaw served on Homemade Hot Italian Bread! Whats warming you up on this Cold Winter Day? image Raspberry thumbprint cookies hot out of Sista Felicia’s DCS Oven! image Find Your storm food photos here! I will post periodically throughout the day as photos come in… To send photos… Follow me on Twitter @SistaFelicia Instagram @SistaFelicia and Facebook ” Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan… Looking forward to posting your Storm Food Photos!

Photo From: Jessica Bean
“Upside Down Apple Coffee Cale”

Happy Snow Day! Here is the Bean Family’s favorite treat that Emily and I made today. Individual apple upside down coffee cake!


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