The .01% is winning and we’re all losing because it.

These are people desperate for attention and media outlets desperate for clicks and views to sell advertising.  It’s the perfect storm.  The media company knows it’s so outrageous that it will get people talking and viewing.  99.9 % of people have no problem with any of it.  It’s the .01% that is vocal and desperate for attention and not only are they getting it, but they are influencing what is being shown on tv and print through the fear of losing advertising dollars.  Sad really.

The perpetually offended are winning with a teeny tiny minority.

Thanks @aliciadewolfe for the graphic.

You know, I used to respect “The Trustees” That was until…

You know, I used to respect “The Trustees”  That was until they came out with this doozy on Instagram this morning.  Trying to pass off this obvious well trained assassin off as cute and cuddly.

Can no one else see the crazy in this dogs eyes?  That look that screams “Sure buddy just let your guard down for one split second.  That’s when I’ll bite your face off.”

Trustees, we all know about all the fantastic work you do preserving special places and stuff but be better than this, k?

Goddamn dog propaganda campaign all up in my grill at 6:46 in the morning.  Not on my watch buddy.

Cute and cuddly my ass.


Lest anyone think I’m exaggerating when I talk about how dangerous our @craigkimberley and @aliciadewolfe ‘s Dogs Are, I present the InstaEvidence-
Craig’s Ruby (AKA Mrs Bite Your Face Off)

Alicia’s Hulk (AKA The Toe Licker) Known to lick small children to death.