Alicia Unleashed Podcast Hits #100

We made it 100! We got some of the most important people of 2020.


Could you imagine not having your Senior Banquet, Senior Parade, Senior Prom or even your College Commencement?

That is what happened to our guests for this episode.

We Zoomed in with Rebecca Paul; Class of 2020 Tulane University. Tianna Nolasco; Marblehead High. Alycianna Guerrero; Fremont High School. Trinity Glace; Reno High School. Jake Enos, Madison Machado and Ben Renales of Gloucester High School to ask what it felt like to be part of unforgettable class of the century this far.

Join us for this monumental episode.

Alicia Unleashed- To The Class of 2020


We collected Voicemails for any graduate of 2020 and compiled them here in this quick episode (that fully deserves Alicia’s graduating year ’99’ as the episode number).

**B-Side snuck my daughter, sister and dear friend Hannah without my knowing**

Featured Graduates in this episode:
Alicia Cox, Rebecca Paul, Sedona Gilard, Maddie Machado, Jake Enos, Ben Renales, Alycianna Guerrero, Trinity Glace and Tianna Nolasco.

Thank you to all the families, Coaches and Staff that helped with this episode.

-Alicia & BSide

Alicia Unleashed: Netflix and No Chill

Episode 98!


Hello! How ya doin’ listeners? Miss us? It’s Day 647 of Quarantine and we figured we would touch base. We address how we are handling living in a new world of Covid19, how it is affecting our work situations.

Alicia talks about the disheartening tasks she has had to face at her new job, BSide talks about getting a brand new job 1 week before the world shuts down on top of going public with her mom’s health conditions.

Shout out to the Health Care workers, Grocery Workers, Medical Employees, Sanitation Workers, First Responders, etc. exposing themselves to unknown circumstances in order to keep things going.


Eric Lilienthal

Erin Valaskatgis

Amy Prichard and Missy Sponagle (Etsy @PerfectPearWear)

Abby Quinn-Olson

Vincenza Groppo- VIP Fitness (FB @vipftinessnow)

TreeTop Yoga (FB @treetopyoga)

Crystal Cox Sawyer (FB @REFIT with CrystalS)

Peter Tucci (Instagram @tucciattack)

MAGMA Gloucester (FB @MAGMAgloucester)

Wandering Soul (FB @wanderingsoulbeer)

Jojo (Instagram @iamjojo)

Planet Fitness

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Alicia Unleashed- In Paul’s Closet

Episode 97! (Almost to a hundo). We’re on location again! This time we are in ‘Paul’s Closet’ an eclectic, retro-pop, kitschy, thrift phenomenal shop centrally located in Downtown Gloucester with on of our returning guests Paul!

HOT PLATE- Thanksgiving Wrap up, Ladies Night December 5th, Lobster Trap Tree Lighting Dec 14th, Men’s Night Dec 19th. Did we mention HEELS CLASS at MAGMA?! Paul and BSIDE LIIIIVE for this class! It’s on Dec 20th, get ready!

We sit down with Paul and find out about this magical store that he now has! Find out about how he was inspired to open this store what this store means to him and to so many and what he has in store for Ladies Night (CAN WE SAY DANCE PARTY!)

Paul also gets real about the importance of following up with Mental Health Checks, Power of Dance and Sobriety is what has helped him realize what he has wanted to so and opening the store.

We talk with him on how he as acquired some of his pieces and articles of clothing, which you honestly need to check out for yourself. Listen to the full episode for a PROMO CODE exclusive to our listeners until Dec 24th!

We even meet a delightful 15 year old assistant/intern Catherine Cheseldine, who is nothing short of FABULOUS, and is up on all the trends for you to be in PAUL’S CLOSET from home too! Check him out on Poshmark, Instagram. Etc!


Social Media links

Instagram: @Paulsclosetresale

FB: @Paul’s Closet

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Alicia Unleashed- Episode 96


It’s our 5th THANKSGIVINGSODE! And we have the one, the only, The Island Cowboy-John Jerome sitting in with us!

On location at the “Jerome Zone” we talk to John about his Turkey (or Non-Turkey) Day traditions. What he is grateful for. What foods he eats…or doesn’t. Also Alicia was this many years old finding out about Friendsgiving.

Shoutout to Erica Dutton-Pequeno of Evolve Masonry, BSide talks about how EVERYONE needs to get their tails to MAGMA for Eric Lilienthal’s HEEL CLASS!

John talks about his BIG GIG DEC 14th at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse in Rockport with Brad Byrd, Marina & Berna. How he got involved with these great artists. Tickets are moving fast so get them soon!

John also talks about the last year since he sat with us and what he’s learned in a year of gigs, what’s coming up in 2020, when we’ll get a new album? Also he’s got MERCH?! WHAAAAT?!

Also listen all the way through there might be a chance to spend Thanksgiving with The Island Cowboy!

Old Sloop Coffeehouse












The Return of the Mo’Bros

Episode 95! This is a very important podcast and PSA for men!

We are on location (Thanks Tom, Kim, Luke & Scarlet for hosting again).


HOT PLATE: We hit up Bossman’s Art Collective at Cape Ann Giclee now on display until Dec 1st.

We catch up with New Dads Ben and Tom and we have Alicia too! The Bro’s discuss what the last year has been like and making sure it is important to “KNOW THY NUTS”. We talk about all the incredible events they have lined up this month for fundraising and get the word out.

We promise it’s an important 48 minutes.

List of Events

11/9/19 11:00 AM Brewhouse workout Riverwalk Brewing, Newburyport

11/16/2019 8am, 9am, 10am

Benefit WODS Crossfit Claddagh, Auburn, MA

11/23 10:00 AM Kettlebells for Balls CF Potential, Newburyport, MA

12/7 at 6pm Movember Wrap Party Riverwalk Brewing, Newburyport


Peter Mcdermott-Spotify (a talented Mo’Bo)


MK Benatti Jewelers for Tshirts (

Riverwalk Brewing (

Headstong Mental Health and Sports-Sponsored by Movember

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The Crazy Hat Ladies of Fiesta

Episode 94


We can’t believe it ourselves! We had ‘The Crazy Hat Ladies of Fiesta’ Amy Clayton and Robin Clayton McNair in the yahd! Also how could we not have Samantha Frontiero Barrett, it’s a 4 year tradition?!

We ask them how it all started, why it started, what it feels like to be part of the official unofficial traditions we have come to know and love about Fiesta!

Seriously a MUST LISTEN (we know you are not reading these)!

Of course, you must listen for the special ending 😉

Anyone that would like an additional ringtone from this episode, please find us & DM (direct message) on Facebook to get yours!

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Going Rowgue

Episode 93-IT’S FIESTACAST (1 of 2)!!!!

Did you miss us?

HOT PLATE-RIP Coach Terry Silva

(it was warm out so there is an overhead fan on so there is static, sorry not sorry), I cleaned it up as much as possible- BSide

We sit down with 3 of the FIERCE ladies of ROWGUE, Alex Pizzimenti, Kristen Burnham and return guest Kristina Ribeiro (RIBBY’S BACK)!!!

We ask them what their training schedule looks like leading up to Fiesta (Alicia is SHOOK), what is involved and what it is like to be the Women’s Seine Boat Champions 4 times.


Shout out to their sponsors:
Buckley Tree Care
Crossfit Cape Ann
Rose Marine/Todd Oil

And a little breakfast spot that that feeds them on RACE DAY (that is not a sponsor, but delicious)-Sugar Mags!

Opening Song Credit by Lizzo “Like a Girl”

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Thank You, Gunner Muth

Episode 92-(on location)

For the past 23 years, Gunner Richard Muth has educated thousands of teenagers on the North Shore as an Iinstructor for the MCJROTC at Gloucester High School (aside from a year or two in Lynn).

This is his final year as an Educator/Instructor/Mentor at GHS. Prior to this, he served his country in the United States Marine Corps for 20+ years as an Infantry Instructor before retiring. Not knowing what to expect teaching high school students, he embarked on a decades-long journey that has left an impressionable impact on students and colleagues alike. B-Side even got a little help honoring Gunner from some friends.

B-Side sits down with Richard Muth to talk about his 23 years as an educator; what it has meant to him, and what it is like to teach teenagers of Gloucester. He even confirms that B-Side did, in fact, throw a desk (but don’t worry—the statute of limitations is over).

Gunner Muth would also like to invite the public to join them in celebration on Thursday May 16th at 6pm in the auditorium for the ROTC Awards Night to honor those students for their achievements for the school year.

It was Military Appreciation Month as well as National Teacher Appreciation Week during this recording.

Alicia Unleashed would like to also thank to following for their participation in this recording:
Rick Moore, Lisa Cusumano Gray, Kayla Pinkham, Kara Wagner, Sarah Bondarev, Jen Duston, Jessica Gross, Aaron Smith, Annette Parco, Chris Severance, Jon Blair, and Peter Cannavo.


I cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for you as an educator because, let’s be real, you were unlike any other teacher I’d ever had. You were patient, tolerant, funny, and had different, undetectable ways of teaching us life lessons. While I was part of your formative years when you were getting your feet wet as a “teacher of teens,” and we tested your limits every chance we could get, you are still the same Gunner you were in ’96. The impact that you have left on your students runs deep. Without you, I believe I never would have survived through or graduated from high school. Thank you, Gunner, for your Service, both to our Country and to us Students.

Crease that Uni one last time and then hang it up. Congratulations on your retirement; you’ve earned it.

-Bridget Ernest, Fishbowl Class Member 96-00

#MCJROTC #GLOUCESTERHIGH #ayellowbird #highschooldays #militaryappreciation #marines #thankyou

Alicia Unleashed- Get it in the Hole

Episode 91


We sit down on location with Ipswich Bay Cornhole League founders, Scot Morrison & Mike Rygiel to talk about CORNHOLE this summer at Mile Marker One.

We talk about the beginning of I.B.C.L., how they got this started, How they became the events of the Summer at Mile Marker and how it’s all about developing a commuinity and that is how this will be their 3rd year as a part of the Bluefin Blowout!

The game is simple! ANYONE CAN PLAY! COME ON DOWN! (If BSide can do it, you got to start somewhere).

Check out the 26:10 minute mark for a MOMENTOUS OCCASION!

Every Monday Night 7pm (registration 6:15pm) @ N.Andover VFW (Shoutout to Bryan T Kirby), Every Thursday 7pm @ True North Brewery-Ipswich (Shoutout to Zack Hoover)

Calendar Events:
***Causes Listed***
5/18: The Prosthetic Foundation Cornhole Fundraiser (Advanced & Social Divisions)
6/8: Pan-Mass Challenge Cornhole Fundraiser (Advanced & Social Divisions)
7/21: 2019 Bluefin Blowout | Cornhole Tournament
8/17: 2019 Crohn’s and Colitis Cornhole Tournament (Advanced & Social Divisions)
9/14: 2nd Annual Ipswich Fire Department Cornhole Tournament

Scot and Mike would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to their Sponsors!
Salem Five Bank
Caram Landscaping & Construction
F.A.H.E.Y. Construction Company, Ipswich
Erin Lane – Realtor at Bentley’s Real Estate, Newburyport, MA
SCL Home Services, LLC, Ipswich MA
Potter Home Loans – CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. Danvers
Shadrack Construction
Ipswich Beverage, Ipswich, MA
Riverview Pizza, Ipswich MA
@Nuno Ferreira Design, Peabody, MA


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Alicia Unleashed- Burlington Bound


Episode 90.5
A BONUS EPISODE! We roadcasted, we know how much Bossman really loves that!

We touch base with eachother (because it’s been a minute). Bside discsusses her 1 of 2 Bucket List trips to New Orleans (7 days prior). Alicia disusses her 8 days of travel coming up. Why we are headed to Burlington, VT. Our plans while in Vermont, Cabot/Ben & Jerry’s, etc.

Summer Goals. (wait what?)

How was Burlington, what did we do? Did we hit all the spots we said we would?

Listen now and find out!

Oh and we did some plugs!

May 4th-Barre to Benefit The Sunrise Fund-The Energy Barre Beverly

May 9th-Ipswich Bay Cornhole @True North Brewery to benefit Hook-A-Cure 6pm

May 13th-The Sunrise Fund Golf Tournament

Hook-A-Cure Fishing Tournament July 19th @ Mile Marker

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The Sunrise Fund


Episode 90!
***Disclaimer***Our original disclaimer is in place; however, we must address that this episode discusses a heavy topic and is not our light-hearted conversation. We discuss Addiction and our guests are very honest and open and we ask that you listen at your own discretion.

If you suffer from PTSD or Suicidal Tendencies, we ask that you listen at your own risk. If you are struggling with addiction you can call the National Drug Hotline 1-888-633-3239
(We apologize for some audio hiccups, unsure what happened, it was a few minutes in).

We sit down with Jackie Latham and Christian Maki of ‘The Sunrise Fund’ a Scholarship program with the goal to provide hope to individuals & families with financial assistance through a recovery scholarship. Fund will be used for sober living placement around New England. Jackie and Christian talk about how they started this, why they wanted to start this scholarship.

Christian discusses his road to recovery and how many times it took before he was able to maintain 7 years of sobriety.
Jackie and Christian discuss the inspiration for the fund (Jackie’s sister and Christian’s friend Jill) and share some stories about what it is like to have someone that is struggling with addiction, the effects on the family. (31 minute mark, especially).

They also talk about their upcoming ‘The Sunrise Fund Golf Tournament’ and they need donations/sponsors! They are looking for people for hole donations, gift certificates. Will you be that person?

We cannot thank Jackie and Christian for giving us the opportunity and thank you for your candor.

Special Thanks to Kristina Ribeiro for Opener.

Music by John Jerome “Friends Forever” Album John Jerome Copyright 2018

#thesunrisefund #hope #recovery #addiction #treatment #additctiontreatment #forjill #lightafterdarkness

Alicia Unleashed- We got the meats!

Episode 89 on location! (We’re almost there! Where you at homiecast?)

We sit down with Craig Kimberley (special guest Hannah) on the hill to talk about all the things!


Hot Plate:
How is the Island surviving without plastic bags?
What’s in store for Cape Ann Lanes (We’re excited if this goes through)?

RIP James Ingram
Our plans for the Superbowl.
Craig weighs in on his love for Ariana Grande’s new tattoo!
*Annual Superbowl shout out to B’s friend Lamarr for the Halftime Show

WE ALSO WENT LIVE! Were you watching?
We ask Craig about his origin story on how he got in to BBQ’ing and photographing food. Craig talks about some of the trails and tribulations of rubs, meats, grilling in the cold. How his videos are different on youtube than other videos and who inspired him to get going doing his damn thang! He also GOES IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN on the Brisket on his (Humphrey’s Grill box) he is making for Superbowl Sunday for “Mistah Sistah’s” party. We get a little bit of trolling from Mr. Beard’o. Craig talks about some of the IDEAL items you should have on hand for ideal grilling. Also, could there be an upcoming SMOKE OFF this spring?

Listen now to find out all about it!

Social Shoutouts!
Instagram: bbqitshow


Alicia Unleashed- Let’s get loud!

Episode 88

(won’t need the volume up too high for this)

is Alicia engaged? She clarifies?

RIP Penny Marshall

GMG BBQ recap
Shout out to our a Secret Listener Aurelia!

We talk about our favorite guests of 2018 and the analytics.

2019 Guest Goals
BBQit-Craig Kimberly
Ipswich Bay Cornhole
Jessica G-911 dispatcher
Spirit Animals
Pier Ave
Call of Booty
Positive Side Effects
Hat Ladys of Fiesta

We talk about the actual Hiatus and what happened.

Like our Facebook page!

We love you!

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Alicia Unleashed- The League of Extraordinary MoBro’s

Hostess B-SIDE on location


Did you know?
*In the United States, testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men.
*Globally, every minute, a man dies by suicide.
*Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in the US.

Episode 87-  BSide (minus Bosslady) is on location sits down with Tom Leard, Geoff Turke and Ben Cannon, the League of Extraordinary MoBros to talk about Movember and their upcoming Kettlebells for Balls event on December 1st.

The guys discuss what got them to grow mustaches for the month of November, how long they have been doing this, what information they gained about physical well being in the process as well as creating a healthy/physical challenge on top of growing facial hair and more. We highly recommend listening since the notes will not do the episode justice.


Still time to join the work out 10am

Wrap Party-FB @Riverealkbrewing 4-7pm-50/50, Silent Auction December 1st

To find Coach Geoff- FB: CrossFitFullPotential

To speak with someone immediately, contact National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) or Lifeline Crisis Chat.
If life is in danger, call 911 or go directly to emergency services.










4th go at this Turkey

Episode 86-Recorded for the first time at Peticia’s House in Amesbury! We catch up with Alicia, BSide and T-Man!


Did ya miss us?!

We couldn’t have a Thanksgiving pass us without having a Thanksgiving Episode! That’s like not watching ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ or NO POTATOES at T-Day Dinner!

We briefly talk about our hiatus (which we are still on-ish?). RIP to the Legend Stan Lee, Plastic Bag Ban in Full Effect for Gloucester in 2019 (Alicia and B have already been on that information tip for a minute)

Shout out Destino’s for updating their “To Go” Salad boxes to recyclable containers! We catch up with Tyler, he’s not so little anymore-a HIGH SCHOOLER now! A&B go on day trip with John Jerome and Future guest Carrie. Where’s our theme song John? Also shout out to John for that opener for this episode 😉

BSide talks about her new side hustles with the Rowley Cornhole Sliders, go see them or play every Tuesday (weather permitted) at RiverWalk Brewing Co. in Newburyport. Did you catch her on First, Worst, Last?

Happy Birthday this past weekend Peter!

Thank you listeners for supporting us and enjoying us on Facebook, it warms B’s heart.

See you soon!

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Alicia Unleashed- Jess A-The NICU Unicorn

Alicia Unleashed- Jess A-The NICU Unicorn 

When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast. So once you subscribe check your email for that verification. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct so you can verify that you’d like to get the GloucesterCast Podcast sent to you for listening at your convenience..


Episode 85
***DISCLAIMER***Conversations in this episode can be potentially triggering, if you are sensitive to light conversations about NICU units we ask that you listen to this episode at your discretion. Recorded in our “Grand Piano Studio” 8/16/18, with Alicia, B-Side and Guest Jess A. Hot Plate, is our guest a SECRET LISTENER?!!!!!! What would a summer be without B getting on so many boats? The Runaround Sound Cruise Thursday Aug 23 in Salem (link below), John Jerome at Opus in Salem Aug 18th 9pm. B joins a cornhole league and joining all these tournaments.

We’re taking a Hiatus, we’ve done it before but this time we wanted to let you know. Come join us on our FB page, maybe we can line you up for our fall schedule! We cannot have an episode without discussing the passing of ‘The Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin-RIP.

LET’S GET IN TO IT! We had probably the most bubbly, energetic, smiley (we know you can’t see that) guest ever on this episode! Jess A, a Nurse in the NICU Unit! She talks to us about how at young age she knew that she wanted to be a Nurse (and a spy). She comes from a long family line of Nurses, so it pretty much is in her blood. She explains her process of becoming a Nurse, from going to a Nursing College (straight out the gate) to now being in this career for 11 years! She takes us through a typical day is like for her (which there isn’t a typical day) also SHE WORKS NIGHT SHIFT? She talks about how incredible the people she works with are, they are just not co-workers, they are a team, a second family. She talks about some of her best moments on the job and some more difficult moments. She was great to have! Thank you for all that you do Jess and your team!

End song: Aretha Franklin-Respect. Sing among heavens Queen.