check Out Sports Content Creator Yahir Collado! GHS Gillnetter articles, Colin Kaepernick Film Review, and dynamite Highlights compilations

Yahir Collado is a high school student who resides and works in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He is currently working on filming basketball and hockey for the year, and writing articles on sports.

Dazzling sports compilations

His rare compilations can be found here, Instagram YahirMedia. Be patient! Compilations require seasoning, as in coverage of sports teams’ season, photography, writing, filmmaking, curating and editing. The whole package.

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Sports Film Review

excerpt from review of “Colin in Black and White” directed by Ava DuVernay:

“…The drama then transitions to Kaepernick talking about his idol, Allen Iverson. At a young age Kaepernick wanted to have cornrows like Iverson but after many people compared him to a “thug,” and called him “unprofessional,” he deferred. In the show, Kaepernick expressed that cornrows represented the culture in his blood and that it was unfair how he was profiled.

An extensive part of the drama depicts Kaepernick’s choice between football and baseball. Kaepernick was talented and gifted in many sports but his best sport could have arguably been…” 

Yahir Collado. GHS Gillnetter. Colin Kaepernick Releases Eye-opening Drama Series. 2021, Nov. 23. Film available on Netflix.


Past work includes The Postseason


Current and upcoming articles on GHS Gillnetter.

“I find fun in recording memories that years from now will create a conversation.”

Yahir Collado, 2021

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