Time Flies for Baby Birds

We visited this Great Blue Heron rookery almost 3 weeks ago and there has been quite a drop in the resident population since then. I am guessing about half the occupied nests we observed last time now appear to be empty. Despite that, the current residents provided some beautiful photo opportunities including a feeding session. The very active juvenile sized herons were enthusiastically feeding from the parent. There was a great deal of jumping and reaching on the part of the young ones and huge stores of patience from the adult. It took me a minute to take a guess as to what was going on in that nest, but feeding teenagers is never a passive kind of activity!

In the time since I prepared this post, there’s been a news story making the rounds that a BEAR was found in a nest near the top of a tree in a Great Blue Heron Rookery in Canada!! I did NOT see a bear on my visit but can only dream of getting such a picture as this! The story can be found here.

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