Livestreaming With Gloucester’s Becca Murray At 2PM Friday (Today) Who Is In The Running For Inked Magazine Covergirl And Would Appreciate Your Vote


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Hi Joe, My name is Rebecca Murray, I am a Gloucester native, born and raised here with deep family roots! My Dad is Dirt Murray, he handles the majority of the float and mooring systems in the area and is born and raised and widely known here as well.  I entered Inked Magazines 2021 cover girl competition, which began on January 19th with 100,000 entrants, and have (hopefully, we will see officially at 1pm tomorrow EST) made it through to the semi finals with only 99 other remaining contestants. This last round was a real challenge and we almost didn’t make it through! The entire contest ends on March 11 and the winner not only receives cover of the magazine, but a 25,000 dollars cash prize. Me, being a single mom of a beautiful one year old girl, Luella, working two jobs and going to college, could certainly use that money for so many good things for us. It would allow us to move out of my parents small home, for starters. Also, a pretty important part of my story is that I was a 2009 graduate of North Shore Recovery High School in Beverly. Years later I did manage to get sober and am in my 6th year of sobriety, now working as a paraprofessional at North Shore Recovery Highschool myself! Success in this competition is largely dependent on free daily votes that people can cast daily, but is now, at this stage in the game, even more reliant on voters purchasing additional votes, with proceeds going towards Musicares foundation, a non profit organization that helps musicians in numerous ways. So this makes staying ahead extra difficult, of course. I have been successful in rallying support from numerous local businesses. Beauport provided a room for a photo shoot free of charge, Sunbanque (where I have worked for years) is raffling off free tanning, etc. However I would LOVE to get my story out there. My photographer, Jason, and myself have worked so hard at this, and the way it all unfolded is really so crazy! We have made it further than 99,900 other hard working contestants have and I would love more than anything to come out on top after the year we’ve all had, and for my daughter, Luella Murray, of course. It would be life changing to win this contest and an honor to have your help! 


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