GloucesterCast 472 Featuring Terry Sands, Tom Moriarty, Paul Horovitz, Jim and Pat and Joey C. RAZE’ the Roof Cabaret! A Fundraiser to benefit the Annsiquam Village Hall Roof Restoration

RAZE’ the Roof Cabaret!

A Fundraiser to benefit the Annsiquam Village Hall Roof Restoration

The Annisquam Village Hall is a building that is extremely near and dear to all of us- it is the Heart of our Community.  Since its construction in about 1828, the hall has watched the tide come and go nearly 140,000 times. It has witnessed six or more generations grow up nearby. It has hosted joy and sorrow, weddings, funerals, dances, political rallies, solemn and serious lectures, lighthearted frivolity, theater, and more. It has sheltered a sail loft, multiple stores, our local post office, our library, the Leonard Club, and other social organizations now lost to memory. Its owners have altered it, enlarged it, changed some of its windows and many of its doors. It is always just there, sort of like Squam Rock. After serving the village for nearly 200 years, it needs some help from the village.

Join us on Saturday, February 27, 7pm, as your friends and neighbors attempt to make you smile, laugh- maybe even cry (or roll your eyes)!  You will certainly see some familiar faces!

The suggested Donation for the event is $20, with Sponsorships available and Contributions most Welcome!  You will access the show on YouTube- more information available when you register on our website.
Please remember that all monies collected from the Cabaret, will go to the reconstruction fund for the roof of the Annisquam Village Hall.

I hope you will consider supporting us as we support the Annisquam Village Hall!  The Village Hall is our Village Home- Under this roof we build Community.

Thank you!

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