Dear Friends and Snowy Owl Lovers,

Not last winter but the winter before, an exquisite Snowy Owl arrived on Cape Ann. I think it was sometime in December we first began seeing her perched on Bass Rocks. Many of us followed her escapades daily and we took lots of photos. I was also filming her. Like many Snowies, she was tolerant of people, but I think she was especially unperturbed by humans. I also filmed other Snowies that irruptive winter, a stunning nearly all white male nicknamed Diablo at Salisbury Beach, a pretty female at Plum Island, and a pair of males that were located at a beach just north of Logan Airport. And while filming one morning in the dunes at Crane Beach, two were having an epic battle. I was sitting super still and one of the combatants landed within several feet of where I was perched, startling us both!

About two months ago my computer crashed and I lost my film editing program and also became sick with what I thought was a cold. I had been mostly self-quarantining for a month prior to the mandated quarantine because I didn’t want any elderly friends to catch my cold. It turns out it is pneumonia. So between quarantining and learning my brand new film editing program I have made a series of short 3-5 minute films, mostly for the parents and kids in our neighborhood, and also for all our owl lovers. Hopefully, these shorts will help a bit to pass the time.

A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann is part one in the first of five episodes. Next to come is Snowy Owl Hunting. Stay tuned 🙂

Please share with your neighbors and Moms and Dads home with the kids. I think you will love seeing the Snowy and how beautiful, too, Cape Ann looks in wintertime. And we’ll also learn some fun facts about Snowies!

Thank you for watching and please be well ❤



  1. Thanks and get well soon! My daughter teaches second grade (now on line of course) in NYC. She is also a birder and loves your work. There are lots of birds in Central Park, which is next to her school. Could she get permission from you to use your images and films if they fit her curriculum?

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    1. Hi John, Yes that would be wonderful and am delighted to share. I made these shorts with children (and adults) in mind. If she needs photos to go along with, please give her my email address Also, the full text of the captions is in the video posts, both Vimeo and YouTube under “show more.”


      1. She is beautiful–U2!!! At least you can still spend time outdoors with your (our) beloved Planet Earth. HUGS back! Maybe a real one by Fall. I sent this video this am to many pals.


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