Pet of the Week- Auggie

Auggie 1

My name is Auggie and I am a special needs pup! Who doesn’t love an adorable pup?! I am a terrier mix just about 3 months old.

I have never met a toy I didn’t like, and I think running around and playing outside is pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have made many new dog and human friends here at the shelter, so that’s a lot of fun some have even taken me offsite and I loved It! What I think would be even better is having a home and family of my very own. Maybe you can help me out?

I’m what’s called a special needs adoption because I have a heart condition called pulmonic stenosis. I take medicine called atenolol every day and there are possible surgical procedures and continued diagnostics that we could explore together if we decide that is the route we want to take but for now I am enjoying being a puppy and hoping you will take a chance on me. The doctors estimate that without any correction of the defect I could start showing clinical signs, typically fainting at 5-7 years but it is hard to predict the future so I plan on enjoying every day to the fullest!

Please visit Cape Ann Animal Aid to learn more!


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