Week 3 FIRSTS #GloucesterMA | Try Mr. Goulart’s local history trivia for 9th graders at Gloucester High School – good luck!

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Over six weeks I’m posting local history trivia questions from Shaun Goulart’s creative weekly scavenger project for his 9th grade history class at Gloucester High School– except we’ll be one week behind the students’ pace. He explains that the “questions are multi-layered and usually have an image required in the submission. All questions will deal with Gloucester’s local history. I recommended to the students to utilize friends and family so your student may be reaching out to you for help. It is a competition and the prizes will be calculated into the Term 4 grade” for the students.



Below is a list of 15 locations. Each one requires an image with a group member in it.

  1. The location of Gloucester’s first“Four Year High School”
  2. The location of Gloucester’s first Brick Building?
  3. The first schoolmaster and town clerk’s house. (private property do not trespass).
  4. A list of the first recorded Gloucester fishermen lost at sea. (Hint: 1716)
  5. The location of the first carillon built in America.
  6. The location of Gloucester’s oldest surviving burial ground for the First Parish.
  7. The location of Gloucester’s first town hall.
  8. The location named after the first settled minister on Cape Ann.
  9. An example of a First Period house. (include the year of the house)
  10. Mural depicting the “Founding of Gloucester”. (the first pioneers) Hint: Build not for today alone, build for tomorrow as well.
  11. The house that was the first location of a library in Gloucester.
  12. The location of the first city owned bridge. It was a drawbridge moved by a hand-cranked winch.
  13. The first statue formerly atop the Our Lady of Good Voyage Church.
  14. The plaque for the first meeting house green. (a.k.a Meeting House Plain)
  15. The first location for the YMCA in Gloucester Mass.


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