Four Piping Plover eggs in the Good Harbor Beach parking lot nest!

9 thoughts on “FOUR!

  1. Wow! I was thinking they were stopping at three since it’s been several days! It’s hard to see the eggs for a count when they’re sitting on the nest. Yaay!!!🤗

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  2. After someone mentioned the heat of the parking lot and the possibility of fried eggs, do you think it would be wise to install some sort of sun filter to provide a little shade once the weather starts to blast? (As I shake my head, knowing people can’t interfere.)

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    1. We thought about that. The problem is any vertical structure over or adjacent to the nest becomes a perch for predatory birds. A low little clump of Seaside Goldenrod or beach grass placed within the structure might help the chicks, but hopefully soon after hatching, the family will cross the parking lot and make their way to the beach.

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  3. Thank you for helping the darling little birdies. If people insist on driving on the beach dunes could the state drop boulders to obstruct access or close that part of the parking lot? Those birds have strugled enough!

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  4. I don’t understand why we can’t close the parking lot til they hatch!! I live very close to the beach & walk by it or on it every day & see f’n dogs just about every day & only a hand full of cars. There are plenty of other beaches to go to close by that don’t have endangered nesting birds. We also need better signage regarding dogs on the beach like the ones on Revere beach.


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