Getting Together With 175,000 Of My Closest Friends

Yes, the official BPD estimate for the Boston March is 175,000. What an experience to be part of that extraordinary exercise of our First Amendment rights. And what an emotional trip to be there with my wife, my daughter, her husband and Shanti and Raj.

In August, 1963, having just graduated from college and awaiting the beginning of my first term at law school, I attended the Martin Luther King march on Washington. It was a singular moment of my life. In the intervening years I have attended and  documented probably hundreds of demonstrations, marches and rallies. I have talked to my grandkids about these things and now they have had their first experience in participatory democracy. I truly believe it will stay with them as long as my early experiences have stayed with me. They felt the embrace of this wonderfully diverse and energetic nation, and the boundless hope that is generated by love, mutual respect and the dream of a better world.










6 thoughts on “Getting Together With 175,000 Of My Closest Friends

  1. I should add that my son, his wife and our 17 year old grandson were at the D.C. march. Our 19 year old granddaughter is studying in Southeast Asia. I’m looking forward to her observations from that perspective.


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