Terry Del Percio–Piemonte asks How Cripple Cove Got Its Name

Hi Joey
Would you happen to know how Cripple Cove got its name – or the history of it?
Terry Del Percio – Piemonte

6 thoughts on “Terry Del Percio–Piemonte asks How Cripple Cove Got Its Name

  1. There is mention of Cripple Cove in Babson’s “History of Gloucester” …. Page 170 states “George Stover had, in 1698, a grant of half an acre of ground to set a house upon on the South Side of Cripple Cove. The book was published in 1860.

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  2. I always thought it was named that because it would have been a perfect place to beach a crippled vessel for repair. Before the cove was filled, I picture a sandy bottom beachy area in the corner there where you could pull in your vessel and work on it between tides. If your boat was truly a derelict, Cripple Cove would have been a great spot for disassembly of the important stuff (metal) before pulling it to the outer harbor to ‘the pancake’.

    There’s a spot there today where I see lobster boats pulled in next to the wall at the playground. When the tide goes out I see the captains/crew down there making repairs below their boat’s water line.

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  3. In his “Wonderful Sea Deliverances” (published 1688) the English puritan John Flavel describes the experiences of some English sailors who were stranded at Cripple Cove in terrible circumstances. So it was already called Cripple Cove by 1688.


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