Brace Cove Seals Sleeping at Daybreak

Brace Cove seals at sunrise ©Kim Smith 2014While filming B-roll for several projects I caught the sunrise at Brace Cove this October morning. The seals were awakening, as were the swan couple, the cormorants and gulls stretching wide their wings, and the songbirds breaking fast on the abundance of wild berries and seed heads found along the berm at Niles Pond. Click image to see full size.

Brace Cove seals at sunrise -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Brace Cove Seals

Brace Cove at sunrise ©Kim Smith 2014Fledgling juvenile male cardinal ©kim Smith 2014Juvenile Male Cardinal

Niles Pond daybreak ©Kim Smith 2014Niles Pond

Sparrow ©Kim Smith 2014Camouflaged!

15 thoughts on “Brace Cove Seals Sleeping at Daybreak

    1. Thank you Terry– it was beautiful and fall- like at every turn, and the seals were a real treat to see. Plus, as I was leaving, I noticed many more swimming across the cove towards the rocks.


  1. Bracing for another beautiful adventure and the- seals talked with mom and she remembered a few that hung around this morning during phone call…The Cardinal been a long time since I see one…other than a Zoo…Matter of fact, I only seen one out West but there in MA so many and along east coast! Thanks Kim Great Shot’s! Dave:-) & kim:-)


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