Community Photos 12/17/13


Here’s an interesting photograph of the moon shadowing a wild cherry tree on the snow from last night’s storm – Eastern Point lighthouse in the background.

Pat Morss


Hi Joey, this pic is from the back shore.  Have a great weekend.


Michelle Polito


4 thoughts on “Community Photos 12/17/13

    1. Spoken very well I can relate to this also and many times trying to get ahead of the snow
      Nice photos and nice reflection 🙂


  1. Sunset on the back shore
    By Peter A. Todd

    I gaze upon the Sunset
    On this Islands golden sand
    As it reflects through its inlet
    The beach smoothed out by tide’s hand
    The shimmering of the sea
    As the sun begins to settle west
    Boats sailing through winter breeze
    As darkness is at the water’s crest
    The Giant waves begin to pound on shore
    As night’s temperature starts to fall
    Nature’s creatures begin to sing
    The song of love’s first mating call
    What a grand and glorious sight
    That our father in heaven has given me
    I can just imagine how beautiful and bright
    God’s hallowed home will be.


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