Plum Street’s Spooky Businessman

Meadow Anderson Chris Abnderson photoBrave Meadow Anderson with Spooky Businessman

Every Halloween, about an hour before sunset, Spooky Businessman appears on our front porch, just in time to welcome the night’s trick-or-treaters. This year, several trick-or-treaters were BRAVE ENOUGH to sit on his lap! He leaves shortly after all have gotten their treats, only to appear again on the following All Hallows’ Eve.

The following morning as the children in the neighborhood are walking to school, I oftentimes see them staring intently at our home, or some furtively looking over their shoulder, I think half-expecting to see see Spooky Businessman.

See you again next year Plum Street Trick-or-Treaters (and Spooky Businessman)!

Chris Anderson photo.

13 thoughts on “Plum Street’s Spooky Businessman

  1. Kim I had some pictures I sent to hotmail account to you from this way they mail bounced – I Think you would like these from Chinhae by Ocean – cherry blossoms beautiful area. Can send an email to my secondary email account if you would like those – Plus a nice native article too big for here about 2 pages but good.


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