Dr. Laurence J. Peter Quote of The Week from Greg Bover

"The man who says he is willing to meet you halfway is usually a poor judge of distance."
Dr. Laurence J. Peter (1919-1990)

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and educated at Washington State University, Dr. Peter was a coordinator of programs for emotionally disturbed children at the University of Southern California. As a student of bureaucracies, he was famous for his theory The Peter Principle, and his 1968 book of the same name, which posits that in a hierarchical organization an employee rises until he or she reaches one level above that at which they are competent. In later life he was active in the Kinetic Sculpture Race which occurs in many locations around the world (and looks like a whole lot of fun. Couldn’t we have one on Rocky Neck?)

Greg Bover

2 thoughts on “Dr. Laurence J. Peter Quote of The Week from Greg Bover

  1. This is a trifecta post. I love the quote, the Peter Principle and the idea of a Kinetic Sculpture Race here on Cape Ann. I would be all in to volunteer, build, row, feed, an event that was kinetic sculpture in a 24 hour marathon around the island from Gloucester High School to the Greasy Pole. That’s a familiar race track. The Blackburn Challenge but in August in watercraft that have to be designed and created on island. A Horribles Parade with a paddle. Given the seaworthy stealth of a craft like that a finish 24 hours later should be recognized.

    There is a 50 foot high Rubber Duck in Australia that needs to be a contender. I’ll push. Or I might enter using the watercraft I used during our dip on January first. Could I make it around the island in 24 hours stuck in a pool float Rubber Duck float? Any bets on that one?

    Or we could go dawn to dusk. I could still make it. Is it your goal to reach the level one better than your level of competency or are you willing to embarrass the hell out of yourself trying to achieve the improbable if not impossible?

    Cape Ann: where impossible shit happens.


  2. I love the concept of kinetic art but maybe a race from Cripple Cove to Half Moon Beach would be a safer start than open ocean around the island. It would provide multiple viewing locations, too.


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