P&V’s LOL #4: The harder you resist change, the more you need it

Direct Porportionality
y is directly proportional to x (y ∝ x)

Given that we’re now in our 4th week, those of you who follow GMG probably know about our Monday series Peter & Vickie’s Laws of Life (LOL, for short).  Click here, if you missed any of the first 3.  In our LOL #2, we introduced the concept of inverse proportions.  Today’s concept of direct proportions is much simpler and today’s law could be stated thus, The vigor with which you fight against change is directly proportional to your need for change.

It won’t take you long to think of plenty of examples of this LOL, the most obvious being addiction, but I thought I’d start with a personal one.  Back in 1998, when Vickie and I founded Van Ness Group, we built complex, data-driven websites and Web applications for public companies and big financial institutions.  We were experts in a niche and that was that.  People told us to diversify.  We resisted.  Local businesses asked us to build websites for them.  We refused.  Clients wanted us to help with marketing.  Forget about it!   We had spent 10 years becoming experts in employee stock benefit plans and 15 years in database technology.  We were determined to stick with it — and we did!  That is, until the niche vanished suddenly in 2001 right before our very eyes like a cheap magic trick.  YIKES.

Mayor Kirk alluded to this LOL in her Mayor’s Desk column with this gem, “Expansion of the commercial tax base is the antidote to rising taxes for homeowners which most people claim to want relief on but at the same time is fought every step of the way.”

Back to addiction.  You’ve probably seen or heard of addicts resisting, with all their vigor, the one thing that is their only hope — to quit.  But this applies to lots of things, not just drugs.  Before the Civil War, the South was addicted to slavery — they believed their economy depended on it.  But in the long run, the best thing for their economy was the abolition of slavery.

Now the one addiction I’ll just accept is music.  I’ll never try and quit.  Especially while I live in the middle of the hottest independent music scene north of NYC.  Just look at all the music this week — and it’s off season!

Here’s one of my favorite videos from MTV’s heyday about another addiction:

5 thoughts on “P&V’s LOL #4: The harder you resist change, the more you need it

  1. Couldn’t agree more with music addiction! And can remember as if yesterday, our pre-schooler begging to watch the “scary lady video” (aka Robert Palmer’s video) again and again. Still love it!


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