Deb Shares Her Red Squirrel Story

Deb von Rosenvinge from House of the Raven writes the following in response to GMG post American Red Squirrel Midden:

I too enjoy all your posts Kim. Also had a small family of reds move into my house via my crawl space. When I blocked the mother’s main entrance, she found another way in and actually poked her head out of the hole I had to make in my ceiling to get a trap up there, and chided me! I caught the whole family and even caught the mom with two babies at one time! They had foiled me several times of setting the trap– Got the bait, sprung the trap and yet escaped. I finally spread the peanut butter right on the trip mechanism and bingo! I’ll send you a picture of my multiple capture. Thought I should send it on to the Hav-a-Hart company!

All in my ceiling!  They sounded like a soccer team rolling around acorns and having a blast!

Thank you for sharing Deb. I read that American Red Squirrels experience severe early mortality; only about 22 percent survive to one year. So good that you were able to catch the mama and babies all together! Deb von Rosenvinge Photo

2 thoughts on “Deb Shares Her Red Squirrel Story

    1. Cute, yes- but not when they want to live with you! I did catch the other two babies within 24 hours of the mom and babies capture. I let them all go at the same place so I hope the mom found her other babies.They loved the apple that I had cut up and placed in the cage along with some water until I could get them to the woods, so I left a pile of apple and peanuts hoping the mom would forgive me for separating her from her little ones!


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