Are You a Wordsmith? Do You Love Cape Ann? If the Answer is Yes, See Below:

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2 thoughts on “Are You a Wordsmith? Do You Love Cape Ann? If the Answer is Yes, See Below:

  1. Granite Pier
    By Peter A. Todd

    The ravaging roar of the incoming tide
    With sailboats being tossed along
    In this Northeast storm and strong winds that cry
    As it smashes into the majestic granite strong
    Condo’s and cottages perched on the rocks above
    Lobster traps and skiffs hugging the pier
    A treasure of nature’s gift of love
    This storm of rage our bodies fear
    White caps of the ocean reaching to explore
    This tiny inlet and wind tossed mist
    The tourists venture along the storm driven shore
    Lovers hand in hand embrace and kiss
    Oats and skiffs of different sizes and colors
    With hand made ties of rope to anchor them fast
    Trying to protect them from the stormy weather
    Which the sands of time have seen fit to cast


  2. Rockport’s Back Beach

    By Peter Albert Todd

    Hidden along the winding streets
    Is Rockport’s gift from God
    The golden sands of its back beach
    A tourist’s journey of a beautiful pilchard
    The boats in view of small and bigger crafts
    The swimmers both young and mature
    What greater gift from God’s could one ask
    Than the beauty of magnificent rapture
    The washing of the sands by the incoming tide
    Erasing the imprints of adults and youth
    Replaced by the seas new creature to abide
    Within the beauty of earth and the sands of times roots
    Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder
    This is why the tourists return each year
    The artists stoke even enrich it more bolder
    Through the caress of the brush it’s visions clear


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