Did You Know? (Joey C. at Gloucester Reads Poetry)

That Gloucester citizens read their favorite poems, in an event sponsored by the Lyceum Committee with Poet Laureate Rufus Collinson, which included our generally fearless leader and poet, Joey C., reading his poem (written with the help of The Bean and Sloop Maddie Mad), titled “Good Morning Gloucester”?  You could never tell by watching the video that he was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs beforehand; but he did an excellent job, and his poem was so real and so homie that you couldn’t help but love it.  There is a line in his poem that I think is pure genius; it says: “… it’s all just a sheer embarrassment of cultural events that bedroom communities can only envy”.  So true.  Bravo Joey!

E.J. Lefavour


12 thoughts on “Did You Know? (Joey C. at Gloucester Reads Poetry)

  1. Joey,

    Your poem was absolutely wonderful!! I closed my eyes and just listened…it was so warm and heart-felt. What a great tribute to Gloucester and its citizens. Thank you!!


  2. Nice Joe.
    The Line: “The Sheer embarassment of cultural events that veteran communties could only envy” ends with a with what sounds like a bell chime from the city hall clock tower – anybody else notice that?


  3. Bill, I definitely noticed it at the time I was videoing Joey and thought it was so cool, then I forgot about it and didn’t realize it had come through on the video. Joey probably wasn’t even aware of it, as he was absorbed in his reading, so thanks for pointing it out to everyone, including Joey. It was like the Universe was punctuating his sentence with an exclamation point!


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