it’s ZAZZLE!, it’s clarkeAHHT!‏

Deb Clarke at her December Art Exhibit

Click on the Link below to see Debbies Zazzle Ahht Store
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from: deb Clarke,

EJ’s recent post about her use of the art licensing site inspired me to give it a try.  I haven’t tried to sell my artwork on-line, but the ease of using zazzle to put my art on hundreds of products drew me right in.  My zazzle store ‘clarkeAHHT’ is in a testing stage.  I’ve designed some button badges, refrigerator magnets and one poster. 
My friend Paul isn’t crazy about the idea of his mug on a poster (it’s a small poster), but his face on a button makes him beam  with the words “I am somebody!”.  Yes, Paul, you are somebody and here’s your mug on a button.  It’s a 2″ button for 2.45.  my royalty?  a quarter on each button sold.  not enough to make me rich, but enough to make me want to have fun designing these things. 
maybe I’ll design a sneaker with his mug on it next.  I’m amazed at how many items are offered through this site.  everything is printed on demand and is advertized as ‘ready to ship’.
EJ’s advice:  work those tags.  I’ve applied ‘glosta’ and ‘goodmorninggloucester’ and ‘paulie walnuts’ tags to my items.  if you go to the link you will see Paul’s badge and lots of other gloucester items created by other folk.
thank you gmg for putting together such a great site.  it not only keeps me up-to-date on the uniquely ‘glosta’ doings, but is helping me to step-up my marketing efforts through the generosity of other folk sharing their tips and experiences.  

4 thoughts on “it’s ZAZZLE!, it’s clarkeAHHT!‏

  1. You go girl! I love the button, and it is alot of fun putting your art on all sorts of different wearable and usable things. As painters and photographers, we have to tap into every marketing opportunity and be able to offer options for those people who say: “I love that, but I have no wall space.” Notecards, small affordable prints of larger original works, T shirts, mugs and buttons all have a market, and that market is larger than the one for original works. That was a great shot of you and your art at your December exhibit. I looks like your scarf was made from the painting behind you.


  2. gotta thank Paul for the photo! it was a dark and stormy night. he was the only visitor other than david and i. we had a great time catching up, drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers. i think paul passed on the wine, but he left a terrific bottle of white with me!

    the scarf: oillilly from bananas, the scarf in the painting…i don’t remember ever owning a red scarf. hmmm…curiouser and curiouser.

    thanks for your marketing tips E.J. when are we going on our next excursion? if we go on a Sunday we might get Paul to come along.



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