No Ticket No Laundry!

12 thoughts on “No Ticket No Laundry!

  1. Didn’t say you or your friends are racist, but stereotyping is demeaning
    Like are all Italians members of the marfia and they all carry knifes.

    Statements like that are demeaning and untrue
    Just as the Photo with the caption “NO TICKY ? … NO SHIRTY !”

    We had a Laundry in Gloucester when I was growing up. It was on Washington St. Near Fronterios (sorry about the spelling, Leo) Store.
    It was run by a Mr. Goon Toy, he had a son Tommy, NO TICKY ? … NO SHIRTY !” is what the other kids would tease him with, let alone his name.

    Sometimes we think this is OK to do, it isn’t


    1. If its done with some malicious intent maybe but to paint everyone with the racist card is out of bounds if you ask me.

      Should we call every comedian or sketch troupe like the folks at Saturday Night Live racists as well? It can get pretty silly in a hurry.


      1. I agree joey!! Everyone is afraid of their own shadows these day’s and how it may offend someone. I say get over it and move on…


    2. I am visiting Glouchester for the first time. I am with my father TOMMY TOY son of Goon Toy. I’m never had the pleasure of meeting my grandfather, infact, I don’t even know what he looked like. I know that he was Asian & owned a laundry matt & that my father had a rough up bringing. If anybody has any information on my grandfather, id love to hear more about him… Thank u! Linda Toy. =}))


    3. Phil…id really love to hear more about my grandfather Goon Toy…if u have ANY information… Thank u! I’m VERY PROUD to say that I am his granddaughter. I cant even imagine what he & my father, now 76yrs old, must have gone through…but they both served our country and the both raised children as single men…amazing!!!!!!!


  2. Joey
    It’s your Web-site you can do what you want. Yes, I believe that comedians take it to far and SLN go’s a little far.
    I wasn’t purposely painting everyone as a racist, but sometimes we have to think what we are portraying and presenting when we think something is funny.
    But, again it’s your web-site and you do invite comments.


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